Applications open for 2018 – All age groups



The closing date for the submission of application forms for Grade R is 30 September 2017.

GRADE R – Please note that the online application form is not to be submitted for Grade R applications. Print out the PDF Grade R application and scan and email through/ drop off at the office or collect a form from the office.                     The Grade 00 report from current school is to accompany the application.


  1. Online submission / Apply
  2. Printable PDF / Application Form

On submission of your application form and payment of the non-refundable enrolment fee all other relevant forms will be handed up or emailed to you.

Contact the office regarding the fee structure for 2018.

Alpha Step Pre-Primary/Educare is an independent private centre.

It is not a feeder school to any school.


Tots & Toddlers

Alpha Step Tots & Toddlers

We cater for little ones  from 12 months to 3 years in this section.

Potty training done!


Jiggle and Jive

 Jiggle and Jive: Musical appreciation once per week

Experts indicate that little ones who are actively involved in music (who play it or sing it regularly):

  1. Do better in reading and math when they start school
  2. Are better able to focus and control their bodies
  3. Play better with others and have a higher self-esteem
  4. Feel more secure as they learn to know what to expect
  5. Learn to co-operate within a group
  6. Improve their listening skills
  7. Improve their gross and fine motor skills

These are just some of the good reasons why you should encourage an enthusiasm in music.

Music is a great communicator and it releases emotions. Within each each session your little one can express his/her emotions in a fun, relaxed way.

The sessions combine singing, creative movement and rhythm using handmade percussion instruments, toys and hand puppets in a delightful stimulating way.

Music contributes to a rich sensory environment which could benefit your little one positively.

When only the best is good enough for your child enrol them at Alpha Step today!


Alpha Step Educare Holiday Club

Holiday club – available at no extra charge for all children enrolled at Alpha Step Educare.

Contact us for details for children who are not enrolled at Alpha Step Educare.

Children aged 3 years up to 9 years of age are welcome

  • All meals and snacks provided
  • From 06h45 to 17h30 daily Monday – Friday excluding public holidays.
  • Parents to arrange Transport